The X-Step® WorkStation!

Brenda’s new X-Step is the most advanced air powered stepper ever. It combines smooth, air-powered stepping with a completely redesigned base so you can perform dozens of her latest exercises, on, off and all around the X-Step!
ALL NEW! A strong Metal Frame, adjustable step-resistance and X-Cords make the X-Step perfect for beginners or athletes. NOW Includes an 8 workout DVD!
X-Step 60 Day Success Stories
These people reached their weight loss goals in just 60 days, why not you?
The X-Step WorkStation features two NEW technologies only available on the X-Step!
The metal frame allows Brenda to turn the X–Step into a strong exercise platform. Now you can perform dozen’s of her latest moves on, off and all around the X–Step. Her combined upper and lower exercise will have you incinerating fat while building a rock hard body – all with just 1 machine!
The X–Step also features the latest pedal technology. Now every smooth step works your legs two different ways; up and down and in and out. This combined motion works your entire leg, reaching deep inside to firm even hard–to–work butt muscles.
Features of your all-new X-STEP® WorkStation
Supports 300 lbs.

Arrives fully assembled.
Insert the battery and digital counter and it’s ready to use right out of the box.

Low-Impact workouts
No pounding impact to joints, since you’re literally stepping on air.

Adjustable Step resistance
5 levels of resistance allows you to choose the one that that’s right for you.
Level 1: Light resistance for fast, easy stepping that’s ideal for beginners.
Level 5: Provides for the greatest amount of resistance to help shape buns and burn fat.

2 Adjustable X-Cords
Turn your X-Step cardio workout into a full-body workout. Just grab the cords and add upper-body moves to strengthen and shape arms, chest, shoulders and back muscles.

8 New Total Body Workouts on 1 DVD
Brenda’s workouts deliver fat-burning cardio, plus toning and ab exercises all in one!

Personal training computer included
4-function display tracks total step count, workout time, calories and steps per minute

Exclusive X-Step Nutrition Plan
Created especially for help you lose fat when combined with stepping workouts.

10 Day Jump Start Weight Loss Plan
Helps you lose weight fast!

Owner’s Manual & Quick Start Guide

60 Day Limited Warranty.
See warranty card for more details.

  • Consult your physician before beginning this or any exercise or diet program, especially if you have concerns about your physical fitness level and overall suitability for exercising with the X-Step System. 
  • This is especially important if you are over the age of 35, have not been exercising, are pregnant, or have a history of knee, shoulder or spinal (back or neck) problems or any other medical condition that may be compromised by an extreme fitness program. 
  • If you experience any pain or tightness in your chest, irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath, faintness, or unusual discomfort during any workout, stop at once and consult a physician before continuing. 
  • Always use common sense when exercising. Know your limits and train within them. If you have any questions regarding this product or its exercise program, please see your physician and follow his or her recommendations when developing your own personal fitness program. 
  • Only inflate the bellows when they are at room temperature. 
  • Always add air to the bellows before starting a workout.
Proven to Sculpt your Body from Head to Toe!

X-Step WorkStation Workout DVD

Preview Brenda’s exciting, new X-Step Total Body workouts!

Brenda’s compassion and enthusiasm to help others achieve better health and fitness lead her to open her Aerobics and Nautilus Fitness Center in Central Florida over 30 years ago. Since then, she’s travelled the globe, competing in and winning multiple Coppertone and Crystal Light Aerobic Championship titles. It’s during her travels that Brenda saw that people all over the world want to be fit and healthy, but many have difficulty finding the time, right equipment and programs to change their lives.

That’s when she decided that she would commit her energy to creating fun, effective and affordable exercise equipment for anyone to use in their home.

As Brenda shared her vision, inventors, manufacturers and television channels worldwide joined with her to help her make the world a healthier place. Brenda is now internationally recognized as one of the top exercise trendsetters in today’s fitness industry. She’s responsible for helping launch numerous fitness systems including the AirClimber family of low-impact, air-powered steppers, the Lateral Thigh Trainer, Ab Roller Plus, InStride Walker, SlimStrider 360, FitRider and recently the unique MiniStrider 360. “I feel honored and blessed to be able to touch people’s lives and help empower them to improve their health. The need is great and it’s a responsibility I take seriously.”

Brenda DyGraf

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